We wonder how it all started! but when we look back now, it all seems to be an incredibly lovely experience.

After all the hacking around, Rohit finally decided to pack this bundle of happiness home and that’s where Stuti made a graceful entry.

In January 2009 Stuti Srivastava & Rohit Srivastwa decided to tie knot and spend rest of the life together.

On April 27th, 2009 Stuti & Rohit are taking the 7 vows as per Indian Wedding rituals and beginning the journey called life

We both seek your good wishes and blessings for a joyous life ahead.


Rohit Srivastwa, commonly known as rohit11 on internet is a well know hacker and cyber security evangelist.

Stuti is master in Human Rights and socialy active person

Hacker & Human Rights, that makes a deadly combination ;)

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