Srivastwa's are the famous name in Kolkata and eastern India running there business house (Kautilya) into domains of Agriculture, Industry, Education, Management & Technology.

Father: Retd from Army, principal head of family business

Mother: The home minister of the family

Brother: Serial entreprenuer, heads kautilya group

Sister-in-Law: Manages multiple kautilya businesses

Sister: Mother of two angels.

Brother-in-Law: Army officer.

The culture packed respected family of Kolkata. The family has been quite active in social service.

Father: Ayurvedic Physician by profession.

Mother: Teacher by profession & home minister of bride's family.

Brother: Young and energetic chartered accountant.

Kid Sister: Enjoying school life.


Rohit Srivastwa, commonly known as rohit11 on internet is a well know hacker and cyber security evangelist.

Stuti is master in Human Rights and socialy active person

Hacker & Human Rights, that makes a deadly combination ;)

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